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Play Crash on Stake 2023: How to Play, Rules & Strategies for Stake Crash Game

Pedro Foureaux
Pedro Foureaux
Data de Publicação: 07/08/2023

If you’re looking to play Crash on Stake, you’ll not only need to demonstrate top-rate guesswork but nerves of steel to boot. This is a thrilling, fast-paced game that’s not for the faint-hearted – but how exactly do you play it?

Stake Crash

With gameplay, strategy, and customisation tips, this comprehensive guide to Stake’s Crash game should steer you in the right direction. It also covers advice on using Stake promos alongside Crash rounds, so you can get maximum bang for your buck when playing your way through this neat Stake Originals title.

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Take advantage of the Bonus Code Crash guide: Introducing the game

Crash is a predictor-style game that’s part of the Stake Originals series – a hugely popular collection of games offering pared-back graphics, high RTP rates, and a host of neat difficulty customisation features. Aside from the best slots on, the Originals range features some of the operator’s most-coveted titles – including Crash, Hilo, Plinko, and Keno to name but a few.

Although there are similar variants out there, playing Crash on Stake is a really unique experience. With virtually no graphics and a truly streamlined experience, the game won’t be for everyone. But if you’re less about animations and more about focusing on hitting those multipliers, it’s absolutely worth your time. Plus, with thousands of daily players that you can see interacting with the game in real time, Crash must be doing something right.

How to play Crash on Stake

OK, so you’ve decided to give Crash a try – smart choice. Unfortunately, there’s no free trial version of the Crash game available on, but with a low minimum wager and basic premise, you should be able to get your head around how things work pretty quickly.

To give you a nudge out of the starting gate, this Crash guide should come in useful. Featuring step-by-step gameplay advice along with insights into effective Stake Crash game strategies, it’s the primer you need to get to grips with Crash fast.

Where can you play Stake Crash?

First things first: where exactly can you play Crash?

Since this is an Originals game, the only place to play it is at You won’t find Stake Crash on any other online casino sites, so don’t trust any other sites offering you the chance to play this Stake Originals title.

What’s the goal of Stake Crash?

Basically, Stake Crash is a guessing game. You’re asked to predict the point at which a “crash” will happen on an ascending scale by selecting a “Cashout At” figure. If the multiplier number goes above this, you win; if it fails to reach your chosen cashout, you lose.

That’s a very basic synopsis of what the Stake Crash game is all about. The game is played in rounds so players are required to wait for a “crash” to happen before they can select another multiplier figure and go again. It’s rapid-fire stuff, though, so you won’t be waiting long before it’s time to pick a number and wait with bated breath.

Of course, the higher the “Cashout At” figure you choose, the riskier things get, but the bigger the potential reward. Stake Crash multipliers have been known to reach eye-popping heights, so if you have the nerves for it, there is the potential to win big here.

How to play Crash on Stake

Before playing Stake Crash, you’ll need to add some funds to your Wallet so that you’re ready to wager on Crash. Don’t forget that you can also use promo codes when playing the Crash game – ideal if you’re looking to take advantage of the latest Stake promos, including a 200% bonus up to $1000 with code BRASIL247.

To play the Crash game on Stake, start by navigating to the Stake Originals tab in the game lobby. Browse through the titles until you reach Crash and tap to load it up.

Although things will look slightly different depending on whether you’re playing on desktop or mobile; the first thing you’ll see on the Crash play screen is an animated graph with seconds on the horizontal axis and multipliers on the vertical. If a round is currently taking place, you’ll notice that a yellow line is ascending steadily up the graph, counting seconds and multipliers as it goes.

Here’s how a round of Stake Crash plays out and what you need to do to enter.

  1. Select a wager and input your desired “Cashout At” sum – this corresponds to the multiplier that’s counted on the animated graph.
  2. The round starts and the yellow line begins moving steadily up the graph. Remember, in order to win, the multiplier line must go higher than the number you selected.
  3. If you choose a relatively high multiplier but can’t cope with the tension, the game does give you the option to cash out early at the current multiplier rate. That means you can claw back some of your initial stake before a “crash” happens, signalling that you’ve lost.

That’s the basic rules of the Stake Crash game covered. It’s certainly one of the easiest Stake Originals titles to get your head around, so if you like slots for their simplicity and fast-paced gaming style, there’s every chance you’ll love this nerve-shredding predictor game.

And one other thing: since Crash is essentially a multi-player game in which you can see what other players have bet and the multipliers they’ve chosen, there are insights and intel to be had here. If you’re looking to develop your own unique Stake Crash strategy, watching how others bet and play could be key to coming up with a formula that works for you.

Can I use promos when playing Stake Crash?

If you’re looking to play Crash on Stake, you may be wondering if you can use the free money you’ve claimed through redeeming promotions to wager on the game. The good news is that you absolutely can – perfect if you’re looking to get started with Crash or place a large, guilt-free bet.

Stake Sport Pro Contra BR
  • Crypto payment methods
  • Exclusive promo code: BRASIL247
  • 200% up to $1,000 Welcome Offer
Take advantage of the Bonus Code

Standout features of the Stake Crash game

Granted, the Stake Crash game represents a stripped-back version of this particular style of predictor games, but that doesn’t mean it’s devoid of cool features that can enhance your overall gameplay experience. Remember, this is a Stake Originals title after all, so you can expect some nice in-built functionality to take your playthroughs to the next level.

With that said, here are some of the standout features of the Stake Crash game that may be of interest to you.

Stake Crash predictor

Although you won’t find the Stake Crash Predictor on for obvious reasons, such tools do exist, so you may like to consider trying one out – if only to pindown your preferred Crash game strategy.

Stake Crash predictors are essentially algorithmic tools that keep track of the Stake Crash game, and so are able to offer hints and tips on potential “crash” points on future rounds. A word of caution, though, as there are no guarantees when using such tools, so never rely on them to stake high wagers if you’re not comfortable doing so.

Mid-round cashout

As touched on earlier, Stake gives you the option to cashout early if you get cold feet during a round, which is a super handy and generous feature for developers to include. This ultimately gives you the chance to recoup at least some of your initial stake if the pressure gets too much for you, with the option to cashout at any point before a “crash” happens. You can also see when other players bow out, providing more further useful insights into how other people play the game.


Almost all Stake Originals give you the option to customise a game’s difficulty settings, as well as configure “Autoplay” settings so that you can effectively play different titles without lifting a finger. Stake Crash is no exception, allowing you to define parameters like minimum bets, cashout points, and the number of games to play in a sequence. This is a super-easy way to play multiple rounds of Crash on the bounce, while you sit back and try to relax.

Conclusion – Closing thoughts on the Crash guide

Fast, easy, and fun – no wonder thousands of people play the Stake Crash game every day. If you’re looking for an alternative to slots that’s equal parts strategy and chance, there are few alternatives that are as accessible and easy to pick up. Be sure to make use of the added autoplay and Stake Crash predictor functions too – they’re perfect for taking your playthroughs up a gear.

Remember, too, that the bonus drop codeBRASIL247“ must be used if you’d like to score a nice welcome bonus as a new Stake member. With a 200% bonus up to $1000 up for grabs, it could be worth checking out.

Stake Sport Pro Contra BR
  • Crypto payment methods
  • Exclusive promo code: BRASIL247
  • 200% up to $1,000 Welcome Offer
Take advantage of the Bonus Code Crash Guide FAQ

🎮 How to play Crash game at Stake?

If you’re interested in trying the Stake Crash game, it can be helpful to learn the ropes before you jump in. Get to know the basics of the game in this in-depth Crash game guide.

🔎What are the best strategies when playing Stake Crash?

While Stake Crash is ultimately a game of chance, there are a couple of ways you can strategize to improve your chances of winning. Familiarise yourself with a couple of Crash strategies in this full Stake game guide.

🤔Can I use promos when playing Stake Crash? is renowned for its top promotions and deals, but can you access these offers when playing games like Crash? Find out what the rules and T&Cs say as part of this deep-dive guide.

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